It is likely you are visiting this page via a link from the Alton Gymnastic Club website and you are interested in purchasing a photograph of a gymnast.

Due to the nature and rules pertaining to images of gymnast's, photographs are available subject to the following conditions.

You are a parent/gaurdian of the gymnast concerned or a member of his/her family.
You must supply a name and address and e.mail address and home phone number (not a mobile) that can be verified by either myself or a member of staff at Alton Gymnastic Club.
The photographs must be paid for by either cheque or Paypal using an account that has the same name as the person wishing to buy the photograph.
Cheques should be made out to S. Hodgson and be handed in to staff at Alton Gymnastic Club.
The photographs will be available for collection from a member of staff at Alton Gymnastics Club.

I appreciate there may be occasions which make these conditions difficult to comply with, in such cases please contact either myself via this website or Jo Foley via the Alton Gymnastic Club website or speak to us direct during a gymnastic session to discuss your requirements. we will do our best to accommodate all request's, but in any case the protection of the gymnast's privacy is paramount and will not be compromised.

In addition and for the peace of mind of parents concerned, all images are taken by me and stored on my home/business computer, They are processed, printed and delivered by me and at no stage involve a third party. The images are retained for a maximum of three months from the date of taking and will then be deleted by me and therefore no longer available to purchase, however they may still appear on the Alton Gymnastic Club website.

Photographs and prices.

Size 7 x 5 Photograph in card mounted frame £7.00 each.

Photographs are available in all sizes up to A3, please contact me to discuss individual requirements.

Alton Gymnastics Club.

The opportunity to purchase photographs as appear on the Alton Gymnastic Club website.